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PLURPeace, Love, Unity, Respect (rave scene)
PLURPeople Living under Rocks
PLURPlease Let Us Rave
PLURPeople Look Ugly Rolling
PLURPlease Let Us Roll
PLURPedophiles Love Underage Ravers
PLURPretty Little Underage Raver
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Although the PLUR ideal appeared to be widely known among mature/longtime ravers and relative neophytes, there were disagreements and tensions surrounding the application of these perspectives.
Although the meanings that ravers gave to these various looks (their own and others) usually embodied or included references to 'openness, acceptance, and uninhibited self-expression', more extreme identities/styles in the scene, particularly the "candy raver identity/style (a radical version of the "return to childhood" look), created some tensions among those who viewed these styles as short-term strategies to get attention, not authentic representations of a commitment to PLUR and the rave movement.
The "sporty" style was often considered to be a dancing-style, while the neo-hippie look (tie-dye shirts) embodied the PLUR philosophy.
For example, the promotion of the PLUR philosophy and emphasis on 'breaking down communication barriers' were considered crucial 'corrections' to the violence and alienation that (in their view) represent the status quo.
Perhaps the PLUR philosophy, from this perspective, could be considered at least a partial reflection of the more 'comfortable' realities that are associated with economically and culturally privileged backgrounds/lifestyles.
Their view of technology was, on one hand, an extension of the PLUR "breaking down barriers" position, and on the other, was about "progression, experimentation, and pleasure.
sipurenu hu al stey pradot masa co'adot: benoni, FEM, PLUR be-masa'an [Ido, adult] 'Our tale it [=is] about two pack mules marching with their load'
benoni: stey pradot holxot be-svil 'Two mules go/are walking: benoni, FEM, PLUR on a path' b.
Reflexive Dative: stey pradot halxu: P1 lahen 'Two mules walked: PLUR to-them(selves): FEM, PLUR' b.
iy-efsar le-histaxrer mimena ad se-medabrim im ha-is al ha-be'aya non-possible to-get-free of-it: FEM until that-talk: PLUR with the-person about the problem: FEM = 'One/you/people cannot get free of it [=of the problem] until one/you/people talk with that person about the problem' b.
balayla ha-cfardea hitxamka] kse-hu ve-ha-kelev yasnu] 'Okay, first picture, we see (a) boy with his doggie] look(ing): PLUR at (a) frog] that he keeps inside (a) jar].
1998): boek + en + kast, `book + PLUR + case', `book case', krent + en + brood, `currant + PLUR + bread', `currant bread', exception boek + handel, `book shop'.