PLWAPeople Living With AIDS (aka Persons Living With AIDS)
PLWAPigeon Lake Watershed Association (Canada)
PLWAPersons Living With AIDS (aka People Living With AIDS)
PLWAPitt Law Women's Association
PLWAPixel-Level Weighted Average
PLWAPlanar Leaky-Wave Antenna
PLWAPublic Lands and Water Access Association
PLWAProliferative Lesions Without Atypia
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I used to run a small business before the death of PLWA in order to support her family.
All the PLWA care that had died and are involved in this study left their children who are still young and schooling.
For subjects who get help from family members to take care of the PLWA, mothers or female sibling would manage the role and receive the effects of the situation.
The yogurt is consumed by the Yogurt Mamas and their family members, and 200 mL/day of probiotic yogurt is given to the registered PLWA in the community and is also sold to the public.
Other participants specifically focused on the benefits for the PLWA and talked about the potential of probiotics to increase immunity, including the CD4 counts of PLWA who are taking the yogurt:
As demonstrated in the above quotations, the abandonment of ARVs in place of probiotic yogurt suggests a lack of understanding of the role of ARVs to PLWA, and the fact that probiotic yogurt is only a nutritional supplement.
This result made me think whether this is a means of caring and protection of others or whether this is a stigmatization process by which PLWA are identified and his or her health condition is shared without authorization among healthcare workers.
Nurses recognizing patients' right to a healthy sexual life might be confronted with their own interest in protecting public health as they might believe that PLWA are responsible for the current spread of the infection.
These newly available data describe the NYC population with HIV infection more accurately than data on PLWA and can be used to redirect HIV-prevention efforts to better target persons at highest risk for acquiring HIV infection.
As of December 31, 2001, a total of 76,462 persons were reported to have had HIV or AIDS diagnosed and were known to be living with HIV in NYC (51,085 PLWA and 25,377 persons living with HIV [non-AIDS]).
As in PLWA, the Bartlett majority found that a drug manufacturer could not market its product consistently with both federal requirements and state tort law, and hence it found the state tort law (in this case relating to design defects) preempted.