PMSCPolicy Management Systems Corporation
PMSCPolitical Military Steering Committee
PMSCProgram Management Systems Committee (National Defense Industrial Association)
PMSCPrivate Military and Security Company
PMSCPorsche Mobil 1 Supercup (racing series)
PMSCPeterborough Motor Sports Club
PMSCProfessional Media Service Corporation
PMSCPremium Medical Service Card (health care industry)
PMSCPilipinong Migrante Sa Canada (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
PMSCPere Marquette Shipping Company
PMSCPersonal Mail Service Center
PMSCPostgraduate Management Studies Certificate (academics)
PMSCPulse, Motor, Sensory and Capillary Refill (medical)
PMSCPitcairn-Monroeville Sportsman Club (North Versailles, PA)
PMSCPhilippine Migrants Society of Canada
PMSCPrivate Maritime Security Company
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The meeting that brings together technical experts and officials specialized in the regulation of PMSCs in Central America and the Latin American and Caribbean region; it will take place on February 27 and 28.
The US PMSC Blackwater (now known as Academi after changing its name) has hundreds of Colombians fighting alongside Saudi Arabia in Yemen.
It is a welcome addition to the field of PMSC research, and should especially stimulate debate on PMSCs' effect on democratic control of the military and civil-military relations as well as on future regulations.
The first goal is achieved by ensuring that the roles of the PMSC and client are properly defined, that maritime security providers are properly insured, vetted, and trained, and that PMSCs have adequate procedures in place related to the carriage of weapons and the use of force.
Laws and Guidance to Regulate the PMSC Industry or Vet Guards
Among these new actors are PMSCs and members of Pemuda Pancasila (PP), an organization that was originally a cultural association but is now viewed by some as nothing more than a "local mafia" specializing in extortion, trafficking and smuggling.
27) The question is whether in situations of armed conflict (inter or intrastate) IHL and international criminal law apply to PMSC employees.
Assess the capacity of the particular PMSC to carry out its
Blackwater has also begun battling against Somali pirates, deploying its own warship, but these are not the only players from the PMSC industry interested in Sudan.
68 PMSC FL-1 Mix One Week after Two to Four Surface Cleaned Construction Weeks after using UHWP Construction 0.