PMSLPrince-Mont Swim League (Maryland and Washington, DC)
PMSLPissed My Self Laughing
PMSLProgressive Management Solutions Limited (course)
PMSLPerformance Metrics Specification Language (computing)
PMSLProgressive Management Solutions Ltd. (est. 1994; UK)
PMSLPierz Men's Softball League
PMSLPhiladelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. (Palmyra, PA)
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X-rays: PMSL performs simple x-rays and special x-rays, such as Barium Meal, HSG, ECHO, simple ultrasound scanning, and ECG;
PMSL envisioned that a minimal on-site staff could perform the maintenance services it would offer.
As difficult as it is to accept the layoffs necessary for PMSL to enact its program, it's better than the alternative.
In consideration of the amalgamation, 501,364 shares of Jubilant Organosys will be issued to the shareholders of PMSL.
The key objectives of the merger of SML and PMSL are as follows:
Many of the terms may be undecipherable by anyone born before 1990: PMSL stands for "p*** myself laughing" at something very amusing, al desko is an act, usually eating, carried out at a desk, a man crush is non-sexual bonding between two men, mahoosive means very large and a digital footprint is how popular someone is online.
PMSL leads the environmental industry with innovative products and treatment process solutions for both the water and wastewater industries.
For more information on PMSL, call (800) 956-4937 or visit www.
PMSL continues reducing risks and eliminating the unknowns through actual testing in the most comprehensive, full-scale aeration test lab available in the world.
PMSL has provided unmatched service and support to the industrial mixing and aeration markets for over 50 years.
Lagoon Aeration Systems are one of the new launches for PMSL this year.
PMSL reports a 42% increase in booking activity through the second quarter of 2005.