PMVCPittsburgh Masters Velo Club (Pittsburgh, PA)
PMVCPlateauland Mobile Veterinary Clinic (est.1995; Robert T. Wilson Foundation; Arizona)
PMVCPoynton Male Voice Choir (est. 1934; UK)
PMVCPlymouth Marjon Volleyball Club (UK)
PMVCPremature Mitral Valve Closure (cardiology)
PMVCParadoxical Motion of the Vocal Cords (otolaryngology)
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vac], were obtained by the calculations of these two methods (LCAO and PM3) on the short segments of PMVC chains.
While the Langmuir-Blodnett rown films of PMVC could adopt a geometric structure with all dipoles pointing to one direction and all the methyl groups sitting on one side of molecule, as shown schematically in Fig.
The alternating trans-gauche conformation is also possible for the polymer structure in ordered Langmuir-Blodgett films of PMVC just as is the case for P(VDF-TrFE) in the paraelectric phase (3), (4).
This agreement between the experimental electronic structure and the calculated model DOSs suggests (hat Langmuir-BJodgett PMVC films adopt the all-trans conformation with all dipoles aligned.
In spite of the differences, both the ab initio methods and the semiempirical PM3 calculations suggest that the all-trans conformation is the only structural phase of PMVC films at room temperature and below.
6] assessed the burden of trauma secondary to road traffic collisions (RTCs) in a regional trauma centre in KZN over a 10-week period, their data highlighting both a significant burden of trauma secondary to RTCs and a relatively high proportion of PMVCs.
4%), blunt force trauma secondary to PMVCs in 285 (7.
They demonstrated a high burden of trauma as a result of RTCs, with PMVCs accounting for 41%.
Studies are needed to identify factors that increase or decrease the risk of RTCs, particularly PMVCs, in order to successfully implement effective interventions and legislation.