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PN1Protease Nexin 1 (inhibitor)
PN1Personnelman First Class (Naval Rating)
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Among them, PN1 is employed 17 times: the speaker pays attention to the hearer's intention (recall (10)).
Esta variedad es derivada de un cruzamiento triple que involucra a D-Sativa como el tercer progenitor y Fundarroz PN1 como madre del cruce simple; entonces el analisis del pedigri indica que teoricamente posee 50% de los genes de D-sativa y la agrupa con esta; el analisis molecular indica que en realidad esta linea en particular heredo un mayor porcentaje de sus genes de Fundarmz PN1.
I was thankful our PN1 arrived to type and transmit the message.
Cell or tissue type Code Tumor/healthy tissue hTERT (a) Pancreas PN1 Healthy tissue 0.
HK and PN1 found caribou near the upper McKeand River in most summers, but each family usually got only 4-7 caribou each summer.
A cursory search of the literature reveals that PN1, PN3, and PN4 have been employed.
In the last years, only two varieties (Fundarroz PN1 and Venezuela 21) have been reported in Venezuela with high level of resistance to the virus (Labrin et al.
1 in Uruguay and traditional, light, type PN1, amongst others in Brazil, (even when Resolution No 302 - 7th November 2002 - of the Technical Regulation for the fixation of identity and quality for "yerba mate" Brazil, leaves this last identification without effect).
TABLA I SITIOS Y PARCELAS DEL GRADIENTE BAJO MONITOREO Altitud Codigo de Localidad (msnm) Sitio las parcelas Bioclima Humedo Tropical (BHT) Piedra La Virgen este 290 PN1 PN1 (1) PN1 (2) Piedra La Virgen oeste 300 PN2 PN2 (1) PN2 (2 .