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PNETPrimitive Neuroectodermal Tumor
PNETPeaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty
PNETPeripheral Neuro-Ectodermal Tumor (pathology)
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A study by Khan and colleagues reports no increased risk of PNET after diagnostic x-rays.
Therefore, in some rare cases, even if a normal result is reported, a diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma or PNET cannot be completely excluded.
Approximately half of cases had astroglial tumors, with the remainder evenly divided between PNETs and a heterogeneous group of other tumors (Table 1).
It is evident that PNETs respond initially to carboplatin-based chemotherapy with BBBD.
Primary peripheral PNET/Ewings's sarcoma of the dura: A clinicopathologic entity distinct from central PNET.
Overall, this is an important finding in a poorly understood, poor prognosis disease, which we hope, in time, will lead to the development of new treatments for CNS PNETs.
The two-year-old is in dire need of proton beam therapy - available in the United States - to help her defeat the rare PNET tumour tangled around her brain.
The first report of renal PNET was by Seemayer and colleagues and to date there have been few reports.
To our knowledge, the first reported case of a PNET with a renal origin was in 1975, (7) although during the past decade, increasing numbers of case reports and case series have been documented, indicating that this entity may have been underreported or misdiagnosed in the past.
Ewing's sarcoma tends to be poorly differentiated, whereas PNET most often shows definite neuroectodermal differentiation.
1-7) In this article, we describe a rare case of PNET of the mandible.
Swimmer Hope was diagnosed in May this year with PNET cancer after she was pushed off a bar stool while messing around with her friends, and dislodged her rib.