PNFIParsimony Normed Fit Index (statistical analysis tool)
PNFIPetawawa National Forestry Institute (Canada)
PNFIPrivate Native Forest Inventory (Australia)
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PNFI exhibits the financial performance from year to year with year 2005 as a base.
This research is based on six years data using Skandia Navigator as the reference framework, and designed for Pakistan proposing three options to measure change in PNFI, PNMI, PNHI, PNPI and PNRJ (Figure 7) that can be used to visualise the economic performance of a country and the status of the processes on which the economic performance is dependent.
921 capital Acceptable < 3 90% > 90% > 90% > 90% > 90% > process Index IFI PNFI RMSEA Distributive 0.
585 Fitting is acceptable df [less than or equal to] 3 GFI 0/90 Fitting is acceptable PCFI 0/637 Fitting is acceptable RMSEA 0/074 Fitting is acceptable CFI 0/91 Fitting is acceptable PNFI 0/555 Fitting is acceptable TLI 0/91 Fitting is acceptable Table 5: The results of Hypotheses Testing.
006) and goodness of fit index= GFI (goodness of fit index), AGFI (adjusted goodness of fit index), PNFI (parsimony normed fit index), CFI (comparative fit index), NNFI (non-normed fit index) , NFI(normed fit index) is more than 0.
Pinnacle stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the PNFI symbol.
Table 4: Evaluate the fitness measurement model Indicators Reported values Chi-square 287/86 Degree of freedom 175 Chi-square to degrees of freedom 1/65 RMSEA /070 RMR 0/049 GFI 0/83 AGFI 0/86 PGFI 0/87 NFI 0/82 NNFI 0/91 PNFI 0/70 CFI 0/92 IFI 0/92 RFI 0/79 Table 7: The results of t-test in investigation of variable mean and testing research hypotheses.
Finally, PNFI was used to examine parsimony of the model.