PNSRProject on National Security Reform (Arlington, VA)
PNSRPrudential North Shore Realty (Massachusetts)
PNSRParque Nacional Santa Rosa (Costa Rica)
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The PNSR values of the presented technique for a range of scaling factor is shown in Table I.
PNSR evaluates the approximate degree between raw image and processed image, and it is a statistically linear description which effects on vision quality.
For a distillation of NSC process challenges, see PNSR, Forging a New Shield (Arlington, VA: PNSR, 2008), pp.
The PNSR study team contends that "dual civilian and military chains of command in the field complicate unity of purpose and effort.
2) Project on National Security Reform (PNSR), Turning Ideas into Action (Washington, DC: PNSR, September 2009), 179.
PNSR adopted the following definition of national security that encompasses the expanded scope: National security is the capacity of the United States to define, defend, and advance its position in a world that is being continuously reshaped by turbulent forces of change.
However, the scheme offered the low image quality of stego images, when the average PNSR is less than 39 dB.
The just launched PNSR is intended to buttress nutritional and food security in Burkina Faso, at the same time will help enhance the expansion of economy and lower poverty in rural quarters in the country, according to the Burkinabe Agricultural and Food Security Minister - Mahama Zoungrana.
The 2007 legislative changes to Goldwater-Nichols also set the stage for a greater role for organizations that might serve as interagency planning fora, as suggested in the PNSR report.
And even, the proposed method outstrips other state-of-the-art techniques in the terms of PNSR and BRP evaluation items.