PNTLPacific Nuclear Transport Limited
PNTLPeople Need the Lord (Stafford, TX)
PNTLPolicia National Timor Leste (Portuguese: East Timor National Police)
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Reinado was believed to be the primary agitator of the lorosa'e-loromonu divide, representing the grievances of loromonu within the PNTL and, as a fugitive, becoming a symbol of their struggle against perceived discrimination.
The United Nations commended the National Election Commission (CNE) and the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) for their successful administration of the elections as well as the PNTL for ensuring a peaceful and stable environment during the electoral process.
In summary, the establishment of the PNTL was lacking in effective management, planning, and policy development.
Although these officers lacked legitimacy, were poorly trained, and frequently showed limited regard for the security of local citizens, they were placed on a career fast-track program and entered the PNTL at command levels (Hood, 2006; Simonsen, 2006).
Its lack of a meaningful role, the heavy arming of the PNTL and its deployment on the border with Indonesian west Timor, have heightened the institutional rivalry.
This conflict reached a deadly climax on 24 May when a gunfight between members of each force ended with F-FDTL soldiers killing ten and seriously wounding thirty PNTL officers at PNTL headquarters in Kaikoli following the disarming of PNTL officers supervised by UNPOL.
Police functions in Dili are currently under UN control, while members of the PNTL are being gradually reintegrated into city policing following vetting for criminal or ethical violations.
The United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service sponsored twenty members of the PNTL Maritime Patrol Unit for a Vessel Boarding Training Program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, South Carolina.
In 2013 the United Nations Development Programme and PNTL started a two-year capacity building project in mutually agreed to priority areas, and in consultation with other major partners including the Timor Leste Police Development Programme (TLPDP)/Australian Federal Police, Timor Leste Community Policing Programme (TLCPP)/New Zealand Police, JICA and the Asia Foundation.
Nevertheless, with support from international peacekeepers, the PNTL has made modest efforts to identify and raid establishments associated with narcotics trafficking.
PNTL have seized small quantities of all of these narcotics in recent years.