PNTMPhilippines' Next Top Model (television show)
PNTMPacific Northwest Truck Museum (Brooks, OR)
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Serum CA 19-9 was measured before treatment in all patients and also measured again after at least 12 months of treatment in 24 patients with PNTM disease and after the completion of treatment in all TB patients.
Comparisons between patients with PNTM disease and patients with pulmonary TB
The proportion of female patients was higher among patients with PNTM disease than in patients with pulmonary TB.
The median CA 19-9 level was higher in patients with PNTM disease than in patients with pulmonary TB (PNTM: 13.
Comparisons between patients with normal and elevated CA 19-9 levels in PNTM disease
The CA 19-9 levels of 59 patients with PNTM disease were measured before NTM treatment; these patients were divided into two groups: 'Normal CA 19-9 levels' and 'Elevated CA 19-9 levels' (Table 2).
The introduction of more affordable rapid diagnostic tools to improve diagnostic capacity should reduce potential misdiagnosis to better estimate the true extent of PNTM.
Continued monitoring of PNTM is needed in Brazil, and more detailed information should be obtained on pulmonary disease resulting from these infections, including their regional distribution, species, associated coexisting conditions, and treatment response.
Distinguish mycobacteria associated with the most cases of PNTM disease in the current study
Distinguish the mycobacterium species associated with the lowest cure rates of PNTM in the current study.
Immunosuppression affects the risk of pulmonary tuberculosis but not PNTM disease
The highest prevalence of PNTM disease in the United States is among men between the ages of 20 and 35 years