POCLPoint-of-Care Learning (Continuing Medical Education)
POCLPhosphorus Oxychloride (chemical used in microchip manufacturing)
POCLPower over Camera Link
POCLPartial-Order Causal Link
POCLPost Office Counters Ltd
POCLPatriotic Old Comrades League
POCLPenguinista Open Content Licence
POCLPaid Out of Closing (real estate)
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yalobushensis length-weight relationships, we regressed log weight on log POCL for all individuals retaining both chelae and weighing > 0.
The POCL provides the Attorney-General with the ability to issue restraint orders once an investigation has begun without the need to bring charges within 21 days.
But POCL is still fighting another case where four weeks' paid leave is being claimed under the working time regulations
The Inland Revenue Minimum Wage Compliance Unit became involved after POCL lost an employment tribunal in September 1999 for not paying the minimum wage.
John Randall, Chief Executive Officer of POCL added: "Condyne provides good management and a sound contracted customer base.
In the US, Bill Duffy, President of POCL, said: "With our strong distribution capability in the West and Southwest, this acquisition will position us well to extend our services to customers in the Northeast.
Customer due-diligence (CDD) requirements are set forth in the POCL and the Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008 (MLO).
As a major import/export refrigerated facility, POCL has established a full line of services including USDA approval for Russian and EU exports, pork certification, a DOC seafood inspection room, cross docking and containerization.
Operating in five countries, POCL manages 36 public refrigerated warehouses, with a total capacity in excess of 120 million cubic feet.
We have chosen MoneyGram(SM) as our sole provider of funds transfer because they have an extremely strong commitment to providing high quality services to customers wishing to transfer funds within the UK or around the world," said Mark Douglas, the director of POCL responsible for financial services.
At first, there was a sharp decrease in pH due to the large number of intermediate compounds which are formed from the predominant process of decomposition of the POCLS causing acidification of the medium (e.