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POIPoint(s) Of Interest
POIPosition of Interest
POIProgram(s) Of Instruction
POIProof of Insurance
POIProof of Income
POIProof of Identity
POIPrinciples of Instruction
POIPoints of Interaction
POIPoint of Interconnection
POIProtection of Investment
POIPoint of Inflection (mathematics)
POIPlan of Improvement (various organizations)
POIPrimary Ovarian Insufficiency
POIPlan of Implementation (UN)
POIPoint Of Interface
POIProgramme of Inquiry (education)
POIProbability Of Intercept
POIPoint of Impact
POIProbability of Identification (statistics)
POIPostoperative Ileus (gastroenterology)
POIPoisonous (fire diamond warning code)
POIPurchase Order Invoice
POIPoint of Interest
POIPoints of Interest
POIPoints of Interconnection
POIProgram Operator Interface
POIPoint of Information
POIPerson of Interest
POIPoint of Intersection (mathematics)
POIPrincipal Operations Inspector
POIPole of Inaccessibility (geography)
POIPlan d'Opération Interne (French: Plan of Internal Operation)
POIPoor Obfuscation Implementation
POIPrevention of Injury (military detention; US DoD)
POIPay on Invoice
POIPrice on Inspection (various companies)
POIPhysician Office Integration (healthcare)
POIPlan Of Instruction
POIPerceptual Organization Index
POIPoint of Impingement
POIPeriod of Interest (US DoD)
POIPURL-Based Object Identifier
POIPlane of Innovation (Everquest game)
POIProgram Oral Interpretation (forensics speech)
POIPoint of Interception
POIPissed Off Iraqi
POIPanoramic Optical Imager
POIProducts Of Inertia
POIPeriod of Insurance
POIParallel Optical Interface
POIPercent of Increase
POIPride On Ice (website)
POIPolygons Of Interest
POIP-mode Oscillations Instrument (Mees Solar Observatory)
POIPurveyor of Innovation (marketing)
POIPlanned Operational Interval (US DoD; naval aviation)
POIPenguin on Ice
POIPrior Owner Inscription (book markings)
POIPurchase Order Index
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The Monte Carlo POI model begins with independently selecting a set of uniformly distributed, random start times for each dwell within each associated period.
Ramsey is right to endorse the inference, I think, but it is hard to see how the inference could be justified without employing some version of PoI.
If the same circuit from Norwood to Albany were configured by the user, and not by AT&T, a considerable savings may be achieved by serving Norwood from a more-distant POI that happens to be in the same general direction as the ultimate destination of the circuit.
POI is a form of gastrointestinal (GI) dysmotility causing a build-up of gas and fluid within the GI tract lasting 3-5 days after abdominal surgery (Maron & Fry, 2008; Massey, 2010; Person & Wexner, 2006).
The poi, sold in one-pound tubs, retails from between $4 to $5, about a dollar or two more than traditionally milled poi.
Ibanez had implicated POIs Rolando Pacinos and Anthony Rose Garcia as his accomplices in breaking into the Carlos house.
The following table provides a snapshot of POIs required at different points of time and the POIs provided by Airtel:
The purpose of research is to improve the accuracy of calculation of lifetime characteristics of POI of PT by taking into account the dynamics of moisture in conjunction with the temperature dynamics of the PI and maintenance in resource consumption model.
POI, formerly known as premature ovarian failure, is defined as 4 to 6 months of amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea in a woman younger than 40 with an elevated FSH on 2 occasions, at least 4 weeks apart.
The estimated annual hospital cost for patients with an ICD-9 code of POI is $1.