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POJOPlain Old Java Object
POJOPlain Ordinary Java Object
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I will discuss the issue by examining the Zen teaching of Pojo Chinul ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 1158-1210) and comparing it with the Buddhist thoughts of T'oe'ong Songch'ol ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 1912-1993).
CocoBase virtually eliminates the need to hand-code database access for POJO Data Persistence, JDO, EJB and Java Applications.
deep with PVC Pipe AN PVC Strainer Pipe AND Strainer as per code 12818-1992 or with latest edition if any and Providing AND Fixing Machinery AND Other Works Contingent there to In The Village 1 Bahadur KE 2 Tibbi Kalan Block Guruhar Sahai 3 Pojo Ke Uttar Block Mamdot Distt.
STAR TREATMENT Respite careworker Joanne Hale with David Barcoe, left, and Pojo Hooper, right.
It was organised by Poppy Johnson, owner of POJO Creative, and Jason Jones, owner of Anglesey Marquees to recognise the talented young entrepreneurs in the region.
Tenders are invited for Installation Of Reverse Osmosis Plants On Build Own Operate And Transfer Basis At Village 1 Bahadur Ke 2 Tibbi Kalan Block Guruhar Sahai 3 Pojo Ke Uttar Block Mamdot Distt Ferozepur
Poppy Johnson, creative director of POJO Creative and Jason Jones, director of Snap a Star Photobooths have teamed together to create the North Wales Young Business Awards 2016.