POLADPolitical Advisor
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The POLAD program, part of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, involves more than 90 assignments at Department of Defense Combatant Commands worldwide.
The POLAD program is a joint venture between DOD and the State Department designed to let State Department employees work closely with DOD commands and provide advice and information on the political side of military actions.
Additional personnel will allow State and USAID to increase our foreign language, diplomatic, and border security capabilities; augment our public diplomacy, cultural affairs capacity, and POLAD program; increase USAID's presence overseas and development contributions; and implement the Civilian Stabilization Initiative, including the Civilian Response Corps, to provide additional civilian expertise for rapid crisis response.
Former Deputy POLAD Kwang Kim was a Foreign Service management specialist who capitalized on the experience he gained here to become a generalist.
embassies' input in making battlefield decisions," said Mike Bosshart, POLAD for U.
In an explanation of the SOUTHCOM civilian deputy commander's role, the report states that the position "empowers the incumbent to influence decision making at the Command in a way not possible for a POLAD.
As effective as the POLAD can be in advising the commander regarding the employment of the instruments of power, it is important to understand the limitations and boundaries.
Murphy POLAD (political advisor) of the Year Award.
Today and for the next year, Turk is serving as our POLAD to the commander of the U.
Since then, I have worked (chiefly in Brussels) as "senior adviser to the Political Section" and in the Department, usually as a coordinator on the 24/7 Political-Military Action Team, writing on hot pol-mil topics for a twice-daily situation report for the Seventh Floor, POLAD offices and elsewhere.
The advisor should have a planner assigned to the office of POLAD with duty to J-5.
Between 1989 and 1991, I was the POLAD (Foreign Policy Advisor) for Army Chief of Staff General Carl Vuono.