POLRIPolisi Republik Indonesia (Indonesian National Police)
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POLRI is in the process of building its own training complex on the site.
The mines have also gave birth to a more complex new social structure, consisted of land owner on mining area, Mining Companies Elites, Traders With Big Capital (gold purchaser), Local Elite (government officials and members of DPRD) Traders (basic needs, household equipments, building materials), Service Providers (hotel, homestead, car rent, motorcycle, prostitution) Farmer, PNS, TNI, POLRI.
So as to ensure stability during the period following the vote, the transitional government will pay particular attention to the integration of East Timorese currently in the (Indonesian) TNI and POLRI,'' he said, ''as well as for members of paramilitary groups.
TNI stands for the Indonesian military, POLRI its police force.
The Indonesians had approximately 15,000 TNI and POLRI personnel to take out.