POLVPiccola Orchestra La Viola (est. 1994; Italy)
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KIPyV was detected by nested PCR assays that used primers POLV P1-39F, POLVP1-363R, POLVP1-118F, and POLVP1-324R, as described (5).
In the case of vertical coordinates, it turns out that the choice of reference station has a greater impact on the results--individual solutions are less compatible than the horizontal, and the largest relative differences according to the reference values concern solution 7-U component differs by more than 1 cm for GLSV (Kiev, Ukraine), POLV (Poltava, Ukraine) and slightly less than 1 cm for UZHL (Uzhgorod, Ukraine).
1 used as reference stations also the northern METS, VIS0 and ONSA, eastern SULP, POLV and UZHL and located in the south MOPI.