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POMProgram Objective Memorandum (DoD PPBS)
POMPrescription Only Medicine
POMPeace of Mind
POMPresence of Mind (World of Warcraft)
POMParticulate Organic Matter
POMPiece Of Mind (Iron Maiden album)
POMPiece of Me (song)
POMPresidio Of Monterey (Monterey, California)
POMPolycyclic Organic Matter
POMPrinceton Ocean Model (software model of oceanic activity)
POMPhase of the Moon
POMPut on the Market
POMPossession Of Marijuana
POMPlaymate of the Month
POMPolarized Optical Microscopy
POMPlan of the Month
POMPostal Operations Manual
POMPersistent Object Manager (Teamcenter)
POMPark-O-Meter (first parking meters)
POMPicture of the Moment
POMPort Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Jackson (Airport Code)
POMPrivate Offering Memorandum (investing)
POMPick Off Mirror
POMProvisioning Object Manager (Cisco)
POMPrisoner Of the Motherland
POMPrototype Optimization Model (Ford Motor Co.)
POMPrenegotiation Objective Memorandum (USACE)
POMPortée Optique Météorologique (French: meteorological optical range)
POMPersonnel Operations and Maintenance
POMPile of Meat (gaming reference)
POMPrioritized Overlay Multicast
POMPride of Montreal
POMPerceptual Objective Measurement
POMPrimary Option Menu
POMPolyacetal Engineering Polymers (plastics)
POMProduct Orderability Matrix
POMPost Overseas Movement
POMProject Officers Meeting
POMPotential Monitor
POMPerforming Organization Management
POMDepartment for Policy and Methodology
POMPreparation, Observation, Maneuver (driving training)
POMPurchasing Operations Manual
POMPrinciples Of Operations Manual (TMINS)
POMPrivate of Marines
POMPrepare/Preparation for Overseas Movement
POMPerformance Objective Matrix
POMPackaging Operations Management
POMCommon Pompano (FAO fish species code)
POMPlanning and Operational Maintenance
POMPassive Optical Multiplexer (St. Arnaud)
POMPower of Mom (est. 2010)
POMPuddle of Mudd (band)
POMProgram Office Management
POMProgramme of Measures (UK)
POMPhysics of Music (various schools)
POMProject Object Model (Maven project file)
POMProof Of Manufacture
POMPurchase Order Management
POMProject of the Month (various organizations)
POMProgram Objective Memoranda (DoD PPBS; plural)
POMPercent Organic Matter
POMParallax Occlusion Mapping (game image rendering)
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In its decision, the appeals court described how POM misled consumers for years by misrepresenting the results of the studies the company paid for.
POM Wonderful filed an appeal with the court in March 2013, challenging the Commission's January 2013 decision and order, which found that the POM marketers had made deceptive claims in 36 advertisements and promotional materials for the pomegranate juice and supplements.
Celanese used a proprietary hybrid POM technology to create the new grades, which feature barrier properties inherent to POM resin--i.
Using the glue, stick on the pom poms in whichever colour order - green is good for the wreath, with a red ribbon bow.
POM is a highly crystalline polymer most noted for its high stiffness, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and good resistance to chemicals and solvents.
The new polymer blend technology has facilitated the development of grades with an improved impact/stiffness relation compared to standard POM impact modified grades.
The dispersion of poly(MMA-BA-BPMA) particles in POM was examined by a KYKY-2800 scanning electron microscope (SEM; KYKY Technology Development, China).
One year later, POM sued Coca-Cola in federal district court, alleging that Coke's naming and labeling of a beverage consisting mostly of apple and grape juices as pomegranate-blueberry juice misled consumers in violation of the false advertising provisions of the federal Lanham Act and two California statutes.
Glue a 1-inch pom pom to the inside bottom of the eggshell for your chick's body.
The 18,000 acres of trees in POM Wonderful's central California orchards produced a healthy and plentiful crop this year.