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POMESPractice Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation System (National Cancer Institute)
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I despres desaparegue: i jo vaig aplegar les pomes i les vaig mossegar, i les vaig llencar al fossar, tot dient, "Vine".
In those pear-loving lands, the contrast between the two pome fruits couldn't be more obvious.
Javier Ruis Pomes, chief observer of the European Union, told reporters that lack of political education might be the reason behind the apparent decrease, but stressed it was too soon to gauge the level of voter participation.
By peacefully choosing their new president, the Timorese people have taken a determined step toward democratic institutions,'' Javier Pomes Ruiz, chief observer of the EU Election Observation Mission, told a press conference.
Arruda LK, Vailes LD, Ferriani VP, Santos AB, Pomes A, Chapman MD.
press like Doug Holder never returned my pomes or gave me even a form
Regis Pomes and co-worker Ching-Hsing Yu from the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto, have studied the gramicidin A (gA) protein through molecular dynamics simulations in order to elucidate the chemistry involved in proton transport, gA is a pentadecapeptide that forms a cation-permeable channel in lipid bilayers.
Twenty-four-year-old Steve has known the other three members, Mike Pomes, 23, Leighton Davies, 24, and Chris Raven, 24, for several years.