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POOCHPet Owners Organization of Citrus Heights (California)
POOCHPractice Overview of Canine Health (study; UK)
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He doesn't want to wait long either - he wants to get his new pooch this week," the Daily Express quoted Rourke's friend as telling the website.
But a bizarre chain of events on Tuesday saw Aoife, 11, back together with her beloved pooch.
Joanne Ruthbart, a Calabasas resident, is thinking about hiring a ``dog whisperer'' - a pet psychic who will persuade her pooch to stop wetting the carpet.
Just in case the bendy pooch hasn't got the moves down pat, there are books available that he can study in between the leg-raised-toward-tree stance and under-table-crouch-and-fart position one of them is currently racing towards the top of the US best seller charts (oh you cynics, I have not been ingesting illegal substances and having canine hallucinations go to www.
TEA FORTWO General Manager of Dylan Hotel Grainne Ross with her pet pooch Heidi GROOM SERVICE Pampered pooch relaxes with a cuppa BONE IDLE Heidi takes a rest on pillow MOUSE MUTT Canine surfs the web
5 mile Pooch in the Park event will take place at Kingsbury Water Park, which is located between Tamworth and Sutton, on September 14 from 11am, with proceeds going to St Giles Hospice in Lichfield.
Paris Hilton's famous pooch, Tinkerbell, has been spotted in pink leg warmers.
SINK OR SWIM: Mariah Carey takes the plunge and tries out her latest song on her pooch, but he's out of his depth when it comes to music