POPCPost-Operative Pulmonary Complications
POPCPost-Operative Pain Control (surgery)
POPCPediatric Outcome Performance Category (cognitive performance scale)
POPCPalmitoyl oleoyl phosphatidyl choline
POPCPetroleum Open Projects Consortium (software development; petroleum exploration and production industry; Houston, TX)
POPCPop Ceilidh Nation (UK)
POPCPartitioned Operations Controller (Nortel)
POPCPee Often, Pee Clear (personal hydration)
POPCPentecostals of Parker County (Weatherford, TX)
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Liposomes containing POPC and cholesterol were prepared using lipid film method.
The POPC concentration in the liposomes after mixing with various solutions of electrolytes was kept constant the mass of POPC to the total mass was 0.
Figure 2 show the correlation function as function delay time for POPC liposomal suspension for pure liposome (down tri-angel) and the liposome with higher concentration of NaCl (up-triangle) MgSO4 (Cross) Fe2(SO4)3(Cubic) and Cholesterol (star) at room temperature.
The second harmonic field ESHG from the charged surface of POPC liposomes was measured as a function of electrolyte concentration of Fe2(SO4)3(star) NaCl (cubic) and MgSO4(circles) shown in Figure 1.
POPC liposomal structure as function of salt concentration using
4 and the fitting parameters in the table 1 we obtained surface potential of POPC liposomal structure as function of different salt concentrations.
We have demonstrated that the outer surface potential and surface charge density of the POPC liposomes with and without cholesterol can be obtained by the SHG technique.