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POPLINEPopulation Information Online
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will produce a CD-ROM version of POPLINE, the world's largest bibliographic population database, for Johns Hopkins University.
POPLINE contains bibliographic citations and abstracts of literature on population, family planning and related health care, law and policy issues.
The initial sample was generated by applying MeSH search terms in Cochrane Library, MEDLINE, and POPLINE databases.
POPLINE, the database with indexing and abstracting records on publications related to population and demographics issues, is among the three most-used databases in developing countries.
Pubmed, Medline, African Journals Online (AJOL), Bioline international and POPLINE databases were searched for original articles published in English Language between 1994 and 2015.
First, we searched PUBMED, POPLINE and ERIC for the period 1985-2006, using key search terms, including "acculturation," "Hispanic," "Latin Americans" and "Hispanic Americans.
Searches were done in the CINAHL, MEDLINE, POPLINE, SOCIOFILE, and PSYCHINFO databases (key words: HIV, unwanted pregnancy, miscarriage, and abortion) and through Internet search engines (key words: contraception, contraceptives, pregnancy, PMCT or PMTCT, perinatal transmission, miscarriage, abortion, adoption, and foster care).
Information and data on nutrition activities were collected over the past several decades, including the process of formulation and implementation of food and nutrition policy and achievements in three developed countries through library searches, MEDLINE and POPLINE searches, electronic media, personal communications, etc.
POPLINE has over 180,000 records that include English citations and abstracts.
Electronically, MEDLINE, POPLINE and BIOETHICSLINE searches were completed using combinations of keywords, such as Pakistan, ethics, medical ethics, biomedical ethics, healthcare, and equity.