POSPPaediatric Oral Skills Package
pOSPPorcine Oviduct-Specific Glycoprotein
POSPPrinciple of Stationary Phase (earth mapping)
POSPPreoperational Support Program
POSPPhysician Office System Program
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To the extent that POSP is a legal and not a factual presumption, it doesn't tell us anything about how "heavy" the burden on the claimant ought to be to make her case.
So, if I've understood you correctly, our divergence stems from a difference of opinion about whether the POSP is best understood as a legal or a factual presumption.
2) As abreviaturas que constam neste trabalho sao: 3 (terceira pessoa singular); 3PL (terceira pessoa do plural); DEM (demonstrativo); DIR (direcional); ENF (enfatico); FUT (futuro); INF (inferencial); INT (interrogativo); LOC (locativo); MIR (mirativo); NEG (negacao); POSP (posposicao); PR (passado iemoto); REP (reportativo); RNC (relacionai de nao contiguidade); VOC (vocativo).
With the option of POSP funding for implementing products from the approved VCUR Product Vendor List, physicians within the province are using the list as a fundamental component of their decision making process.
The VCUR are a set of requirements against which Alberta's POSP tests physician office systems against.
Por lo tanto, la POSP puede contribuir complementando el modelo negativo tradicional con un modelo de bienestar.
n] is shown as the format of Taylor series expansion, it is difficult to obtain the stationary phase point through POSP, but the series reversion principle can be used for solving stationary phase.
a) can be obtained by applying the POSP directly to (5) as follows
Therefore, the POSP can also be applied to (25) to derive the two-dimensional spectrum.
Transforming (30) into the azimuth time domain by the POSP, yields
Transforming (33) into azimuth frequency by using the POSP again, yields
Different from numerical methods [24], analytical methods usually use POSP to get the spectrum.