POSQPerception of Success Questionnaire
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years competing, years competing for coach, importance of meet to self, and team) and their scores on the subscales of the POSQ, PMCSQ-2, and CSAI-2.
Median scores for the POSQ subscales were calculated to classify the athletes into the various high/low task and ego achievement goal groups; however the median (task = 4.
Furthermore, the POSQ measure revealed the orthogonal nature of the task and ego goal orientation subscales, supporting earlier findings (Roberts et al.
The authors of the POSQ utilized a sentence stem of "In sport, I feel successful when .
88 (ego orientation) showed similar estimates as those found in the POSQ (Roberts et al.
The component structure of the various subscales contained in the PSPP, POSQ, and IMI instruments was assessed using principal components factor analysis.
The POSQ also demonstrated a clear factor structure for interpretation.
The means, standard deviations, ranges, and internal consistency estimates of the POSQ, PMCSQ, SHS, and perceived competence items are presented in Table 1.
Table 1 Descriptive Statistics for the POSQ, PMCSQ, SHS, and Perceived Competence Items Variable M SD Range Alpha POSQ Ego orientation 19.