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POSSUMPictures of Standard Syndromes and Undiagnosed Malformations (diagnostic program)
POSSUMPatient-Operated Selector Mechanism
POSSUMPolar Orbiting Satellite System designed by University of Michigan
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A multilocus phylogenetic comparison of the FT7 isolate and the original possum liver RNA-Seq data revealed that the sequences clearly clustered together within an Asian subclade of the holarctica subspecies that includes biovar japonica (Figure 1).
The company added that it has already shipped the first order to Possum.
This combination of logging and wildfire threatens the remaining unburnt habitat of Victoria's faunal emblem, the endangered Lead-beater's possum.
He's shouting now-- "Got a hole in my heart the size of a truck"--but also turning over in his mind all the other ways he might say what he's saying, seemingly not realizing how funny he is: "And I say as one possum to another--"
The P POSSUM is a 2 part scoring system that includes a physiological assessment and a measure of operative severity.
20pm IN THE second of tonight's double bill, April's crush on shoe-shine boy Andy is tested when he becomes a media hero for capturing a possum.
I saw a possum striding along the edge of a fence its body soft as
playing possum, truly dead--lies on a heap of leavesalongside
Taft on lockdown couse of a possum really lol," another Twitter user complained about to the Twitterverse.
Three of these bloggers--Mark Bahnisch, the pseudonymous Possum Comitatus and William Bowe--became the Pineapple Party Time bloggers.