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POTTPhilosophy of Time Travel (book from the movie Donnie Darko)
POTTParty of the Truth (Fiji)
POTTPermissive Overreaching Transfer Trip
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Pott emphatically; 'I am wearied out of my life with your politics, and quarrels with the INDEPENDENT, and nonsense.
Pott was in the highest spirits and the most agreeable humour.
Pott presented themselves again and again to his wandering imagination.
Pott was discerned in one of the windows, by the mob beneath; and tremendous was the enthusiasm when the Honourable Samuel Slumkey himself, in top-boots, and a blue neckerchief, advanced and seized the hand of the said Pott, and melodramatically testified by gestures to the crowd, his ineffaceable obligations to the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
Pott, comfortably seated in a couple of chairs, waving their handkerchiefs in token of recognition--a compliment which Mr.
Look arter your wife, Pott,' bellowed a fifth--and then there was a roar of laughter.
By the time her relationship with Lesley Potts came to an end, the 38-year-old had plundered more than PS4,500 from his online Yorkshire Building Society account and spent more than PS1,000 with the mail order firm, a court was told.
Entering the draft also moves Potts closer to realizing the promise he made to his deceased grandfather years back.
Potts was a partner at Haley, Bader & Potts , a law firm that specialized in representing broadcasters and telecommunications companies, most notably MCI Communications Corp.
But her deceit didn't end there and, just weeks after the couple had split up in March 2016, Mr Potts found further fraud had been committed against him.
Potts won at Netley Hall Equestrian Centre in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, to earn her place in the British Showjumping National Championships, which take place at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire from August 11-16.