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POTUSPresident Of The United States
POTUSPresidents of the United States (band)
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In that White Paper, POTUS laid out four pillars of his strategy: a) strengthen democratic institutions; b) spur economic growth, trade and investment; c) advance peace and security; and d) promote opportunity and development.
Preparations for the executive level visit began when a logistics Line of Communication (LOC) system was established to ensure the supply and delivery of immediate or emergent material support for JTF POTUS platforms USS Essex (LHD 2) and USS Stethem (DDG 63) when, and as often, as needed.
In the aftermath of this defeat, Senator Mitchell resigns from the Senate to play the role of the president in a show called POTUS, a conservative person's West Wing, and becomes so popular that he launches his own candidacy for the presidency.
So other than the POTUS, who can lead Americans to the promised land of just-right body weight?
analyzes the US presidential elections form 1980 to 2000 to find how presidential hopefuls use televised advertising as a strategic tool and weapon to create their own images and make the other candidate appear not to be POTUS material.
Teddy Roosevelt, who traveled extensively in his campaign for reelection, employed, not just a car, but a whole train, dubbed the POTUS train (for President of the United States).
Things are going to get interesting for TV's new POTUS on the block with the recent revelations about aide Vince Taylor (Anthony Azizi).
drives the need to pen protesters far from the POTUS in "demonstration zones.
For those critical undecided voters, who have not been convinced by any of the candidates rhetoric, the POTUS Selection Criteria and evaluation against past proven Top Performer Presidents should help them to make a sound 'evidenced based' decision in the same way that Boards and CEOs pick their top executives in the business world," said Peter Donovan, a Managing Partner at Top Gun Ventures.
We'll talk about Donald Trump and Jeb Bush with SiriusXM POTUS host Julie Mason.
The new twist could even force the Shondaland POTUS to work with the man who killed his son or launch an all-out war against West Angola.
IT WAS a POTUS day at New York Palace hotel in Manhattan as black- suited secret service men kept a hawk- like vigil for a meeting of two most protected guests-- Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.