POTYPerson of the Year
POTYPlaymate of the Year
POTYPotyvirus Group
POTYPhotographer of the Year (award)
POTYPlayer of the Year (various organizations)
POTYPost of the Year
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It can be such a mental grind week to week," said Duke, who gained a one-year exemption for Nationwide POTY honors in '06.
Tell you what, thinking back to Lenny's toys out the pram outburst last week when the POTY nominations were announced, I can't help thinking that's some speed for a Fisher Price pedal car.
STRAIGHT TO THE POINT Ryan only knew Hughes (top) by reputation and (left) Christie after netting in the semi-final win over Celtic and with his Young POTY invite
Admit it, Lenny, any of the four POTY nominees would have WALKED into that Celtic team on Sunday.
The POTY candidate saved his side with a late leveller – and yesterday's double took his tally against the Buds to seven in four matches.
But his childish outburst on the POTY shortlist left a bad taste in the mouth.
Maybe there should be a special Team of the Year gong at the POTY bash to salute that monumental effort.
But all the same it came as a surprise, slight of course - see me, see modesty, when previous POTYs have included such luminaries as Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, John F.