POU1F1Pou Domain, Class 1, Transcription Factor 1
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Keywords: Pigs; POU1F1 gene; MUC13 gene; FSHb gene; Insertion/deletion (indel).
POU1F1 contains a POU DNA-binding domain with two regions: a POU homeodomain required for DNA binding and a POU-specific domain essential for DNA-binding specificity and dimerization (Ozmen et al.
Polymorphism of sheep POU1F1 gene exon 6 and 3' UTR region and their association with milk production traits.
A DdeI PCR-RFLP detecting genetic variation of goat POU1F1 gene.
POU1F1 gene PCR amplified products were precipitated and sequenced on ABI 3100 DNA sequencer.
Thus this bovine POU1F1 (Pit1) gene was considered as one of the important candidate gene to describe the genetic variability and marker assisted selection programs in various breeds.
Analysis of POU1F1 gene polymorphisms in Qinchuan cattle and Chinese Holstein cattle.
Polymorphism of Bovine POU1F1 Gene: allele frequencies and effects on milk production in three Iranian native breeds and Holstein cattle of Iran.
Twelve novel SNPs of the goat POU1F1 gene and their associations with cashmere traits.
Neonatal Meishan pigs show POU1F1 genotype effects on plasma GH and PRL concentration.
As a member of the POU-domain family gene, POU1F1 is a positive regulator for growth hormone (GH) (Zhou et al.
Therefore, it was an interesting and important work to study polymorphisms in POU1F1 gene and their associations with production traits in goat, which could provide useful genetic markers for animal selection and breeding through marker-assisted selection (MAS).