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POVPoint Of View
POVPrivately Owned Vehicle
POVPre-Owned Vehicle
POVPercentage of Volume (finance)
POVPersonally Owned Vehicle
POVPort of Vancouver (Vancouver, WA)
POVPerson Of Vision
POVParliament of Victoria (Australia)
POVPower of Veto (Big Brother TV show)
POVPersistence of Vision
POVProgram Obnovy Venkova (Czech: Rural Rehabilitation Program)
POVPersistance of Vision (ray tracing program)
POVPower Operated Vehicle
POVPeak Operating Voltage
POVPsychology of Vision
POVPhysician Office Visit
POVPneumatic Operated Valve (engineering device)
POVProof of Value
POVPromise of Value (IBM computer security chip)
POVPurpose of Visit (medical coding)
POVPissed Off Voters
POVProtection Order Violation (law)
POVPoint of Value
POVPlane of Valor (gaming)
POVPatient Office Visit
POVPacket Over VDSL
POVPre Operation Verification
POVProximity Operations Vehicle
POVPressure Operated Valve
POVPittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway Company
POVPropagation Of Variance
POVPoint of Variability
POVPaper Overlay Veneer
POVPajotse Oldtimer Vrienden (Dutch; vintage automobile club; Belgium)
POVPeople of Value
POVPoints, Opinions, Violent Reactions (The Buzz; Philippines)
POVPensioner on Viagra
POVPass Out Victim
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But thanks to the FISC-SWRMC partnership, the POV moves were handled without a hitch, and the Navy saved thousands of dollars that otherwise would have been spent keeping Stennis Sailors and contract workers out of the rain.
Today, POV is as popular as ever, but we would like to see more people coming along to support local aspiring filmmakers and of course to enjoy the films for themselves.
We still see POV accidents involving personnel who have consumed alcohol and/or were not wearing seat belts--conditions that have contributed and still contribute to accidents.
We simply hand the patient the unit, get it back and send the units back to POV for downloading and reporting.
com/shows/celebrity-big-brother/news/1008253/how-to-use-the-celebrity-big-brobot/) POV competition.
Part of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977, the POV provision is one of MSHA s toughest enforcement tools reserved for mines that pose the greatest risk to the health and safety of miners, particularly those with chronic violation records.
Once listed as a POV mine, the operator has a difficult time getting delisted, since the operation first must pass a mine-wide inspection free of any alleged S&S violations.
According to the firm, consumers, music fans, sports fans and others will be able to make purchases and interact with wearable live & real-time POV (point of view) video & personalized content through the mobile apps.
Pivothead's less obtrusive, true POV eyewear format allows journalists to record and send stories from locations where a visible camera may be distracting or perilous; provides police departments a way to provide indisputable evidence at court; and allow surgeons and medical schools to make point-of view training videos.
Most often the POV is that of Jonathan, a Home Office counterespionage functionary.