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POWERPCPerformance Optimization with Enhanced Risc Personal Computer
POWERPCPerformance Optimized With Enhanced RISC Personal Computer
POWERPCPower Optimized With Enhanced RISC Personal Computer
POWERPCPerformance Optimization with Enhanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing)-Performance Computing (processors)
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As the high-end member of the PowerPMC product family, the PowerPMC-260 implements the PowerPC 750 CXe 600MHz processor together with the highly integrated Galileo GT-64260 system controller onto a very small PMC form-factor for a fast, compact embedded computing platform.
The PowerPC architects paid particular attention to defining PowerPC Architecture details, making it flexible and scalable, thus providing plenty of room for growth across a varied family of processors suitable for a wide range of designs--from high-performance, multiprocessing systems to handheld computing devices.
Embedded Planet offers a full line of small form factor PC/104, EBX, and credit-card-sized single-board computers based on Motorola's PowerQUICC 8xx and PowerQUICC II 82xx processors, and IBM Microelectronics' PowerPC 405GP processors.
MigraTEC's 64Express to PowerPC focuses attention on all the issues that must be addressed prior to testing.
With PowerPC IAP, IBM assembles most of the chip in advance to keep costs and lead times in line with standard parts.