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POYPictures of You (song)
POYPartial/Pre Oriented Yarn (textiles)
POYProduct of the Year (Award)
POYPlaymate of the Year
POYPrincipal of the Year (education)
POYPlayer of the Year (sports)
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The winners of the POY award for 2015 will be honoured on February 25, a statement said.
News & World Report and a POY judge this year, credits the Washington Post sweep "to the vision of an amazing guy.
Nevertheless, the sample C formed by the POY type spin-drawing process had the smallest heat shrinkage at 150 [degrees] C, the high toughness type sample B had the largest heat shrinkage, and the sample A lay midway there between.
Established 28 years ago in France and introduced to Australia in 2009, POY is the world's largest consumer-voted award for product innovation and operates in 38 countries with the same purpose: To guide consumers to the best products in their market and rewards manufacturers for their quality and innovation.
For manufacturers of the winning products, the POY recognition is a powerful marketing message proven to increase product trial, awareness, distribution and sales.
Another major business event, the POY offers finalists and winners significant visibility .
Tensile tests were performed at standard atmosphere using Zwick test machine with cross-head speeds of 180 and 730 mm/min for FDY and POY, respectively.
This perfect homogeneity makes the polymer suitable for high spinning speed applications such as spunbond but also POY.
We reminded them that, in the spirit of the Time award, our Person of the Year could be someone whose extraordinary impact has been positive or negative (Time's 1938 POY was Adolf Hitler); it didn't have to be a famous person (Time's `97 POY was Andy Grove, the Intel co-founder); it didn't have to be an individual (Time's `75 POY was ``U.
The NJPEC POY Awards provides a glimpse into the year's best packaging designs and innovations, and this year's program saw a record number of submissions.
Renowned experts from various business spheres took centre stage in the POY Talk, which focused on encouraging an overhaul of shopper behaviour research and providing added value to the POY partners.
They will then present their products in a seven-minute presentation at the POY event on Nov.