PPDGParti Progressiste Démocratique Guadeloupéen (French: Democratic Progressive Party Guadeloupe)
PPDGProject Planning and Design Guide (Canada)
PPDGPurdue Pharmacist Directive Guidance (scale)
PPDGProfessional Performance Development Group (San Antonio, TX; est. 1984)
PPDGParticle Physics Data Grid
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Established in 1997, PPDG has helped more than 105,000 long-term unemployed individuals into sustained employment, with up to 80% remaining with their initial employer and many more progressing to launch their own business.
Mr Rand, from Bedworth, was a Foundation Learner at PPDG before being placed on its Apprenticeship Programme a year ago.
Coventry City Council, in conjunction with Coventry Probation, has been providing forklift truck training at local centres enabling ex-offenders, who have been referred to PPDG, an opportunity to change their lives and secure a job.
One of the success stories is 18-year-old Natalie Armstrong, from Hall Farm, East Sunderland, who went along to the PPDG with a desire to pursue a role in care or retail.
eNable Consultancy Ltd, a strategic partner with EPM Live, worked with PPDG to establish its requirements for a technical solution.
We have also asked for another 13 people to interview-that is the level of confidence we have got in PPDG.
At Andrea's request, the money from PPDG was donated from its Give As You Earn (GAYE) payroll scheme.
PPDG CEO Steve King said: "We asked the donors to write a personal note to the recipient and quite a number of people have done precisely that including one generous person who also put a PS5 note in the pocket.
Bond Wolfe's managing director James Mattin said: "We have been involved with PPDG previously with lettings in the local area and we were thrilled to be able to assist such a prestigious client again.
PPDG works in partnership with a number of organisations including DWP, the Ministry of Justice and Jobcentre Plus to prepare jobseekers to return to work.
Now Jim works for employment and training company PPDG, which provides training and support to the long-term unemployed, while Greg has set up Thrive - a charity aimed at giving people in poorer communities a voice in decisions which affect them.
The PPDG staff really boosted my confi-dence, which had taken a knock after I'd been out of work for so long.