PPDMPharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism
PPDMParallel Path Digital Modulation (audio processing)
PPDMProtein Production Data Model
PPDMPublic Petroleum Data Model (Association)
PPDMPrivacy Preserving Data Mining (consumer information)
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Based on the parameter whether the data owner requires privacy for the data or knowledge, PPDM techniques were classified as:
An Emblematic Study of Different Techniques in PPDM ", International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering.
These privacy principles served as the basis for their support for a few policies for PPDM which are significant for the development and deployment of methodological solutions and the construction of unyielding advances in the upcoming of PPDM will be permitted by them.
In 2000, Agrawal and Srikant proposed the first PPDM approach based on the data randomization and perturbation technique [7].
The Aficio MP 2851 and the MP 3351 ship standard with one PPDM license and offer an upgrade path for four additional licenses at a discount of more than 80 percent off MSRP at time of purchase.
Entre as decisoes que irao conformar o momento de Formulacao da PPDM convem destacar algumas de natureza:
The present study tests four hypotheses associated with the PPDM components of organizational culture and decision effectiveness, and the strategic diffusion components of involvement and understanding.
To date, iStore's PetroTrek([R]) data management software is the only PPDM-certified product utilizing the entire PPDM data model.
Jun zhou [13] proposed a secure and efficient privacy-preserving dynamic medical text mining and image feature extraction scheme PPDM for cloud-assisted e-healthcare environment.
The seismic and interpretation project modules all reside within iGlass, a web-based ESRI map interface built on PPDM 3.
orgs, PPDM is (almost) the only game in town, at least judging from PNEC attendance and papers presented, although WITSML did get some vicarious support from a couple of authors.
To preserve the sensitive information, PPDM performs data mining operations in a centralized or distributed manner.