PPDMPharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Metabolism
PPDMParallel Path Digital Modulation (audio processing)
PPDMProtein Production Data Model
PPDMPublic Petroleum Data Model (Association)
PPDMPrivacy Preserving Data Mining (consumer information)
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These privacy principles served as the basis for their support for a few policies for PPDM which are significant for the development and deployment of methodological solutions and the construction of unyielding advances in the upcoming of PPDM will be permitted by them.
The Aficio MP 2851 and the MP 3351 ship standard with one PPDM license and offer an upgrade path for four additional licenses at a discount of more than 80 percent off MSRP at time of purchase.
The present study tests four hypotheses associated with the PPDM components of organizational culture and decision effectiveness, and the strategic diffusion components of involvement and understanding.
Our company has long advocated business-driven data standards, such as PPDM, as being fundamental to solving the problems of making multiple systems work together.
PPDM CEO Trudy Curtis kicked off the proceedings with an insightful analysis of the current situation regarding upstream master data management (MDM) and results from phase I of the What is a Well workgroup.
PPDM is designed for the Ricoh family of MFPs under the Ricoh, Savin and Lanier brands.
PPDM, designed for the Ricoh family of MFPs under the Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier brands, empowers users to eliminate paper processes by scanning documents directly to folders on a desktop and into ECM solutions.
In addition to the National Petroleum Council, Oracle participates and sits on the Board of PPDM, (Professional Petroleum Data Management Association) and collaborates with the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) IT Technical Committee, PESA (Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association) and Texas A&M University's Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group.
rather than bona-fide standards from Energistics and PPDM which remain on the periphery of the data manager's vision.
Norcen employs a four-processor Challenge system as an Oracle PPDM database server, and it plans to run Sybase and Landmark 2D and 3D on the Challenge in the near future.