PPDTPPeer-to-Peer Data Transport Protocol
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Micawber's arrangement for the repayment of the advances should be gravely entered into, as it might be wholesome for him to suppose himself under that responsibility.
His liberality had a rich repayment, and the general goodness of his intentions by her deserved it.
The borrower gives me in pledge some raw sugars, on condition that I should sell if repayment were not made within a fixed period.
I and my seed are responsible for the repayment of the loan.
He has made me a very handsome advance-- a thousand pounds--and he can afford to wait for repayment.
He said that the repayment of a debt is just, and in saying so he appears to me to be right.
When Simonides said that the repayment of a debt was justice, he did not mean to include that case?
Repayment of the loan of forty thousand pounds (with interest) was due in less than a month's time.
He had not shown the slightest sign of attempting to fix anything that I had said to him in his mind, until I mentioned the time at which it was customary to permit the earliest repayment, on the part of a debtor, of money that had been advanced as a loan.
As a security for the repayment of this advance to P.
The hand,' said Mr Fledgeby, 'of a lovely and superior-minded female is ever the repayment of a--'
To save something toward the repayment of those creditors was the object toward which he was now bending all his thoughts and efforts; and under the influence of this all-compelling demand of his nature, the somewhat profuse man, who hated to be stinted or to stint any one else in his own house, was gradually metamorphosed into the keen-eyed grudger of morsels.