PPEPCAPakistan Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies Association (Islamabad, Pakistan)
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The Chairman PPEPCA further briefed that despite downturn in global oil prices and tougher competition for risk investment the response of local E & P Companies had been very encouraging.
The PPEPCA chairman gave a detailed presentation to the prime minister about the exploration and production activities being carried out by all the E and P companies in Pakistan.
He further said that PPEPCA should actively engage in deliberations on low volume gas policies including shale gas, flared gas, Marginal and Stranded oil and gas fields, so that additional gas is inserted into the system.
PPEPCA representatives thanked and lauded the active role of the Advisor on Petroleum for implementing policies to encourage E&P Companies and enhancing their confidence to further invest in exploration and production projects.
Petroleum Exploration and Production Policy 2007 failed to address the problems faced by the PPEPCA and was not able to attract much needed foreign direct investment in this sector.
PPEPCA is the premier body of the companies involved in E&P business in the country the association plays a crucial role for coordination between the E&P companies.
Earlier Chairman PPEPCA, Janos Feher welcomed the Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Syed Naveed Qamar to the meeting.