PPERAPolitical Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (UK)
PPERAPulp and Paper Education and Research Alliance (various universities)
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PPERA also revised the demand side of campaign funding, but while
Committee, (178) PPERA imposed a national campaign expenditure ceiling
180) In addition, PPERA amended the expenditure regulations for
Despite this difference, all definitional questions concerning the Canada Elections Act and the PPERA are canvassed together below.
Interpreting the Breadth of the PPERA and the Canada Elections Act
The PPERA is not as fraught with vagueness as the Canada Elections Act.
Recently, some of the PPERA universities have responded by converting from pulp and paper programs to chemical engineering programs.
Several of the PPERA universities have already moved ahead of this trend.
We can avoid the threat of weakening the historically robust alliance between the pulp and paper industry and the PPERA universities, but this will require significant change on both sides of the relationship.
The partnerships of PPERA institutions with pulp and paper foundations and member companies provide much more than the resources needed to underwrite scholarships and fellowships.
PPERA institutions serve a central role in attracting the best young people to our industry through strong, focused BS-level programs in pulp and paper science and engineering.
An initial step in promoting this new message should be a comprehensive survey of PPERA institutions to determine current best practices and to develop recommendations for the production of new promotional material, including CDs, web content, and printed material.