PPMEDPolicy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (Ghana)
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Because they work so closely with the head of the civil service, the PPMEDs needed to be reinvigorated and restored to the distinctive role they used to play in the civil service in its early days.
The GCGP organized a series of seminars for over 200 mid- to top-level civil servants from the Office of the President, Cabinet Secretariat, PCMEU, CMAs, PPMEDs, RSIMDs (including chief directors and gender desk officers) from all of the MDAs on cabinet decision-making process, policy development and analysis, policy options development, policy reviews, presentations and briefings on what an effective and well-defined cabinet approval process is.
the Office of the President, Cabinet Secretariat, National Development Planning Commission and PPMEDs in the MDAs, would consolidate the gains made so far.