PPMHPhoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
PPMHPilihan Pembaca Media Hiburan (Malay: Entertainment Media Readers' Choice Awards)
PPMHPlanned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson (Utica, NY)
PPMHPikes Peak Mental Health (est. 1875; Colorado Springs, CO)
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The next step was bringing the vendor representative to PPMH to confer with the senior executive team and nursing leadership two weeks later.
Marketing was a big part of the implementation for PPMH, as they wanted to make sure that everyone felt and saw a sense of order, logic and ownership of the process.
PPMH CNO Laura Cook simultaneously began the discussion process during her staff meetings with the nursing staff.
PPMH has a significant number of nurses throughout the hospital that are ACLS-certified due to their roles at the hospital, yet they don't have the credentialing for critical care.
Some additions were proprietary to PPMH, such as customization of the Emergency Center profile to ensure that those bidding for the trauma ward shifts had specific required certifications.
A primary decision for PPMH was deciding whether to set up the system in a reverse auction configuration or set specific prices that could include shift differential incentives.
Without additional financial commitments, PPMH had to significantly reduce capacity from 24 to 8 detox beds in June 2001 and change programming from a modified medical detox program to a social detox program.
PPMH recognized it had the community's attention and hired a respected local consultant to initiate a task force to clear the air and develop community solutions.
PPMH had to be transparent and willing to open up and expose the organization to build trust.
Solid data were critical in addressing mistrust and facilitating communication, and PPMH shared its client numbers and outcomes data.
The council meets monthly and reviews a 20-page outcomes report provided by PPMH.
The community had little appreciation for treatment and its effectiveness, as well as a belief that PPMH, through its funding or mission, was somehow responsible to solve all of a substance abuser's problems.