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PPNPublic Procurement Network (UK)
PPNProject Programmer Number
PPNPhysical Page Number (memory architecture)
PPNProto-Planetary Nebula
PPNParti Progressiste Nigérien (French: Nigerien Progressive Party)
PPNProfessional Placement Network (Boynton Beach, FL)
PPNPokemon Palace Network (websites)
PPNProcessor Port Network
PPNPedunculopontine Neurons
PPNPrivate Packet Network
PPNPure Proportional Navigation
PPNPositive People Network (online chat group)
PPNParameterized Post-Newtonianformalism for General Relativity
PPNPeer Production News
PPNPrioritized Petri Net
PPNParaproteinemic Polyneuropathy
PPNPersian Pop Network
PPNProtection Person Name (recipient of protective order; NCIC form datum)
PPNPeripheral Parenteral Nutrition (therapy)
PPNPharmacy Product Number
PPNPre-Penalty Notice (letter sent to alleged violators of US Treasury Dept. laws and codes)
PPNPartial Parenteral Nutrition
PPNPrincipal Protected Note
PPNPacket Processor Module
PPNPassport Number
PPNPeaches, Plums and Nectarines
PPNPreferred Provider Network
PPNPay per Night (TV)
PPNPajak Pertambahan Nilai (Indonesian: Increment Value Tax)
PPNPlant-Parasitic Nematode
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PPN were distributed in three trophic groups: Aphelenchoides spp.
Retailers should look to their supplier and their California Tree Fruit Agreement Regional Marketing Manager for assistance in building sales through the use and application of PPN Network market intelligence.
Bernadette Desmond said PPN works because "when you're using networks that already exist" - like religious congregations, for starters - you are not reinventing the wheel, you are not duplicating efforts.
Under PPN, big, safe cars pay more for insurance than small, less safe cars.
We anticipate that market acceptability of our PPN, the first of many differing combined instruments, will drive revenue and that our use of the Panama Platform trading system, and its ability to conduct real time transactions, will attract participation by other trading platforms and exchanges.
Este 3 por ciento se divide en dos segmentos (de 30 y de 70 por ciento) y se distribuye entre los 9 PPN de la manera Igualitaria y proporcional antes mencionada.
s] (1, 0) excited by the armature windings are with the same PPN (PPN = 2) and the same rotational speed.
20 June 2011 - Rating agency CARE today upgraded the rating on the long-term bank facilities of Indian power producer PPN Power Generating Company Pvt Ltd to AA- from A+ and affirmed the PR1+ on the company's short-term facilities.
PPN negotiations were started by General Insurance Public Sector Association (GIPSA) as public sector insurers were bleeding more than the private sector.
i] is the coordinate velocity of the PPN coordinate system relative to the mean rest-frame of the universe and U, [U.
After several years of study and discussions with members of PPN as well as a number of pharmacy benefits managers, AmerisourceBergen found strong support for this change, reported George Saunders, the company's vice president of professional services.
CTFA--which administers marketing order programs on behalf of California's 1,100 fresh peach, plum, and nectarine growers, as well as the PPN Network, a strategic marketing and information resource for growers, shippers, and retailers--is offering a Fresh Off the Grill free brochure with recipes, and has enlisted nationally acclaimed BBQ chef and restaurant owner Adam Perry Lang to share his fruit-grilling expertise this season.