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PPNRPre-Provision Net Revenue (banking)
PPNRPhotosynthetic Pyridine Nucleotide Reductase
PPNRPeak Power Noise Ratio
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The method consisted of driving three independent routes (median length of 33 km) within the PPNR twice a month and counting every deer seen with a powerful spotlight.
Then, we tested for the negative relationship between AI-R and the number of red deer shot within the PPNR during the previous hunting season using a standard linear model.
On average, 43 red deer were shot each year between 1978 and 2007 in the PPNR, but the hunting effort varied considerably among years, with 78 deer shot during the 1979 hunting season and 24 during the 1996 hunting season.
Pre-provision net revenue PPNR showed a modest increase in 2010 and represented 1.