PPPAPublic Policy and Public Affairs (academic course; various institutions)
PPPAPoison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 (US)
PPPAPreliminary Purchase Price Allocation
PPPAPrinting Presses and Publications Act (Malaysia)
PPPAPeople, Pay and Pensions Agency (UK MoD)
PPPAPurchasing Power Parity Adjusted
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IE Singapore's assistant chief executive officer Tan Soon Kim, and CEO of PPPA Syed Afsor has ratified the MOU at the Istana.
vulgaris (Figura 2a) coincidieron con las proporciones donde hubo mayor interferencia intraespecifica: PPPP (0,142), PPPA (0,156), PAAA (0,164) y PPAA (0,171).
To some extent, the greater neutrality of online media can be explained by the fact that some laws restricting press freedom did or do not apply to online sources, for example the PPPA, and that those that do have been less rigorously applied online.
To further investigate the influence of the nylon phase on the distribution of CB particles in the PPCB layers, the dependence of electrical resistivity on the measuring temperature was compared between the 512-layer PPCB/PP and PPCB/PPPA (10 wt% PA6 in PPPA layers) systems.
Overall, the PPPA database reveals that over half of all CPAs include explicit provisions for "disarmament", "demobilisation", "reintegration" or some combination of the three (see Table 1).
For example, rules issued under the FFA preempt nonidentical "standards or regulations," (256) rules issued under the PPPA preempt nonidentical "special packaging standards," (257) and rules issued under the FHSA preempt nonidentical "requirements.
Now, thanks to a local branch of optician Specsavers, and YC Sports, in Penarth, the pupil members of the PPPA will stand out from the crowd with striking sashes that will help other children identify them.
And when it came to 2-year-olds, all cap types met the PPPA criteria, though 8% still could open the twist-off caps.
Household cleaners expressly subject to special packaging provisions of the PPPA include methanol and turpentine-based cleaners, solvents for paints and coatings, wood oil cleaners, spot removers, metal cleaners, fluoride treatments, adhesive removers, and general-use household oils.
Second, control can be enforced through the power of the Minister of Home Affairs under the PPPA by withdrawing or refusing the issuance of permits.
The ANPR also requested comments on other issues, such as whether the PPPA regulation should extend to other hydrocarbons like pine oil.
O PPPA trabalha com adocao de medidas de reducao de riscos ambientais por meio de protecao coletiva, monitora os niveis de pressao sonora, modifica ou substitui equipamentos que elevam o nivel de ruido, fornece equipamento de protecao adequado, conscientiza trabalhadores quanto ao seu uso e monitora a audicao, como medida de controle e avaliacao de sua efetividade.