PPRDPan Pearl River Delta (China)
PPRDThe People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
PPRDProject Peer Review Panel (UK)
PPRDPersonal Professional Review and Development (UK)
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Euromed PPRD is a partnership project established by the EU and Mediterranean nations, aimed at strengthening responses to both natural and manmade disasters.
It will succeed to PPRD South I programme, started in 2009.
Among parties allied to the PPRD, four have obtained between a dozen and over twenty parliamentary seats, while in the opposition camp only two parties has achieved such numbers so far.
According to Mike Rowse, director-general of InvestHK, it's a win-win formula that combines the advantages of competitive manufacturing and sourcing in the PPRD region with the ease of setting up in Hong Kong, Asia's most business-friendly city.
In this paper we employ the PPRD cycles model to examine the political dimension -- pertaining to the distribution of power as well as material and symbolic resources (see Ginsburg 1995; Ginsburg and Lindsay 1995) -- of the relationships among educational policy, practice, and research undertaken within local, national, and global political, economic, and educational system contexts.
He will also join a consultative meeting for PPRD provinces/regions and central authorities.
A former ally of Kabila and a major financier of his previous campaigns, Katumbi resigned from the PPRD in September last year, accusing Kabila of trying to hang on to power, and has since been picked as a compromise presidential candidate by seven political parties commonly known as G-7.
La session de formation [beaucoup moins que] medias et communication de crise [beaucoup plus grand que] organisee, a Alger du 21 au 24 mars, par Eureomed PPRD (prevention, preparation, reponses aux risques desastreux) a ete cloturee, jeudi dernier, en presence du sous-directeur de l'information et des statistiques de la Protection civile, le colonel Farouk Achour, du sous-directeur de la planification operationnelle, le colonel Fouad Lalaoui, et du sous-directeur des secours medicalises, le colonel Ahcene Saadi.
NNA - The UNDP Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, within the collaboration framework between the project and the Euromed PPRD (Prevention, Preparedness, and Response to natural and man-made Disasters) South II Program, kicked off on Monday a "Host Nation Support (HNS) course" -- a training course aimed at improving prevention and preparedness for disaster risks.
Dominant in Katanga was an ethnic reading of the presidential election as an opposition between a Muluba of North Katanga--Joseph Kabila, the outgoing president and leader of the PPRD (Parti du Peuple pour la Reconstruction et la Democratie)--and a Muluba of Eastern Kasai--Etienne Tshisekedi, the leader of the UDPS.
The Eleventh PPRD Forum was jointly organised by the provincial governments of Guangdong and Fujian under the theme "Deepening Pan-Pearl River Delta regional co-operation and promoting innovation of Pilot Free Trade Zones".