PPREProgramme Personnalisé de Réussite Éducative (French: Custom Program for Educational Success)
PPREPPAR (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor)-Response Element
PPREProperty Plus Real Estate (Thornlie, Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
PPREProject Pokemon ROM (Read Only Memory) Editor
PPREPeroxisome Proliferator Response Element (biology)
PPREPostgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (University of Oldenburg; Oldenburg, Germany)
PPREProfessional Photographers of the Redwood Empire
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Human, mouse and rat CAT is transcriptionally regulated by PPAR[gamma] through PPREs containing the canonical direct repeat 1 [62] located 12kb far from the transcription initiation site [63].
When we used the human adiponectin promoter bearing the mutated PPAR response element [p(-908)/LUC PPRE mut] there were no appreciable changes in luciferase activity indicating a possible major role for PPAR-[gamma] in the activation of adiponectin promoter (Fig.
On mucosal functional tests, both EoE and PPRE were associated with reduced transepithelial electrical resistance and lower electrical tissue impedance, most notably in patients with EoE (P less than .
Subsequently, activated PPAR/RXR heterodimers could bind to PPREs in promoter regions of target genes.
Groups II, III, and IV were administered with PPRE at dose levels of 375, 750, and 850 mg/kg p.
Here we have identified a novel likely obesogen, DOSS, as evidenced by PPAR[gamma] transactivation activity in a transfected cell line, activation of PPRE in transgenic reporter mice, and induction of adipogenesis in preadipocytes in vitro.
PPAR alpha and PPAR gamma activators direct a distinct tissue-specific transcriptional response via a PPRE in the lipoprotein lipase gene.
Evidence for a new human CYP1A1 regulation pathway involving PPAR-atpha and 2 PPRE sites.
In the rat, ACO responds to PPs via a functional PPRE, whereas the equivalent gene in humans does not (31,32).