PPRFParamedian Pontine Reticular Formation
PPRFPower Pack Repair Facility (UK)
PPRFPublic Project Revolving Fund (New Mexico Finance Authority)
PPRFPharmaceutical Production Research Facility (Department of Chemical Engineering; University of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
PPRFPatient Privacy Rights Foundation
PPRFPionus Parrots Research Foundation (est. 1999)
PPRFParticipatory Performance Review Framework (UN Environment Programme)
PPRFPostdoctoral Prize Research Fellowship (UK)
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The distance was increased to more than one kilometer after the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) and the PPRF objected.
Average Usefulness Ratings of the PPRF Submissions PPRF Sub-dimension Average Rating Emotional Stability 3.
The frontal eye fields project through several different pathways to the superior colliculus, the PPRF and the ocular motor nuclei.