PPS7Planning Policy Statement 7 (Sustainable Development in Rural Areas)
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For a comparison of hospitals' available beds, ADCS, and ratios during the period from PPSI through PPS7, data from the cost report files were used.
Lake House is the first to be approved in the region in the 20 years since the PPS7 rule was introduced.
It was 'fundamentally wrong' that the Government in PPS7 tells local authorities to consider the need to protect good quality agricultural land alongside the need for the accessibility to infrastructure, workforce and markets, Mr Oliver said.
PPS7 is a special kind of application, which encourages the exceptional, innovative, quality design of residential properties in rural areas.
PPS7 promotes the use of Landscape Character Assessments to underpin the formulation and application of "criteria- based" policies to all landscapes.
Sure enough, it was absent in the draft version of PPS7, a fact welcomed by a large majority out of the 600 responses to the consultation draft.
This planning advice has now been substantially re-iterated by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) in PPS7 (the August 2004 replacement for PPG7, now re-titled Sustainable Development in Rural Areas (2)).
Planning policy in the form of a document entitled PPS7 has directed a shift change when it comes to assessing the potential of a conversion.
As the application is based upon inapplicable PPG1, PPG4 and PPS7 ( as has been outlined in our own correspondence with the council ( I hope full weight will be given to our objections.
Eager to show that it is a listening Government, despite all the evidence to the contrary from student fees to Iraq, the final revision of PPG7 (now called PPS7 as part of the 're-naming of parts' programme that keeps us all busy at the moment) keeps Gummer's Law.
PPS7 has been produced in a house style that reflects that of draft PPS1 and which is clearly designed to be applied to the whole set of PPSs in due course.
PPS7, which sets out the Government's national policies on different aspects of land use planning in England, is the first new-style Planning Policy Statement.