PPSAPersonal Property Securities Act
PPSAPersonal Property Security Act (Canada)
PPSAPulp and Paper Safety Association
PPSAPower Plant Siting Act
PPSAPigging Products and Services Association (UK)
PPSAPennsylvania Patient Safety Authority
PPSAPembrokeshire Performance Sailing Academy (Haverfordwest, UK)
PPSAPhilippine Practical Shooting Association
PPSAPennsylvania Political Science Association
PPSAPlanned Parenthood of Southern Arizona
PPSAProfessional Photographers of San Antonio
PPSAPort Of Plymouth Sailing Association (UK)
PPSAPhysician Placement Service of America
PPSAParallel-Plate Slot Array
PPSAPipeline Pigging Products and Services Association (UK)
PPSAPatient and Practioner Service Agency (primary care trust; UK)
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El ingreso del incentivo del PPSA se estimo con base en el decreto vigente en el 2015 (Decreto 39083-MINAE), el cual considera una densidad maxima de 277 arb [ha.
Please consult the PPSA website for more information (ppsajournal.
Conversely, from a company perspective, the PPSA composite is highly diverse: Only nine states have market shares of more than 2% of DPW, Texas being the sole state with a double-digit share, of 11.
The PPSA provides that, "except as otherwise provided by [the PPSA] or any other Act, a security agreement is effective according to its terms between the parties to it and against third parties.
6) They must understand whether, in any particular circumstance, they have crossed the transactional threshold and created a PPSA security interest.
Shell could ask for authorisation to use the entire reservoir, dividing up the production from it with the PPSA, that represents the government as owner of part of this deposit," a source with direct knowledge of the subject said.
A further concern is the creation of a new state company, PPSA to oversee offshore exploration, while Petrobras has sole operator status.
Grassley praised the final implementation of the PPSA, saying: "Disclosure brings about accountability, and accountability will strengthen the credibility of medical research, the marketing of ideas and, ultimately, the practice of medicine.
Hel leads the Totality of HCP/O/A Spend and PPSA reporting related service offerings for EY in the US for all pharmaceutical clients ranging from readiness assessment to implementation of complete technology enabled solutions.
During that year it had become apparent that patients were severely discriminated against in private practice as far as benefits were concerned, and SASOP, through the PPSA, had to fight earnestly against discrimination in terms of prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs).
PPSA was designed to bring transparency to the financial relationships existing in the medical profession, and was introduced by Sens.