PPSDQPersonal Preferences Self-Description Questionnaire
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The Table 1 PPSDQ results are also more favorable than the related MBTI results reported for various stability reliability studies involving college students and time delays ranging from 1 to 8 weeks.
Regarding the second research question, involving the internal consistency of PPSDQ scores, alpha coefficients for the four scales in the present study ranged from .
The Table 2 PPSDQ findings are also more favorable than the related MBTI results reported for a sample of 9,216 participants.
The bivariate concurrent validity coefficients between like PPSDQ and MBTI scale scores ranged from .
It is noteworthy that the SN and JP scores were highly correlated on both the PPSDQ (r = .
The Figure 1 path coefficients indicate that the PPSDQ and the MBTI scores are roughly equivalent as measures of the four underlying constructs.
The present study involved fairly large samples and examined the psychometric properties of PPSDQ scores from several analytic perspectives, including a concurrent validity analysis using SEM.
The PPSDQ avoids problems with (a) dichotomous scoring, (b) forced-choice response formats, and (c) differential gender weighting of item responses.
Our results suggest that the PPSDQ might serve as a useful component of such a battery.