PPSEAWAPan-Pacific and South-East Asia Women's Association (est. 1929)
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In terms of interactive practices, the PPSEAWA is formed by the close interlinking of well-established national networks throughout the region.
As a result of these practices, the space created by interpersonal interactions in PPSEAWA is not a hard, bounded one, but a soft space mapped both by (loosely conceived) interests and interpersonal relations.
In terms of the discourse promoted by PPSEAWA, and as a result of the experience of mutual interaction over many decades, it was agreed at the last PPSEAWA International Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand in March 2007 (Women Making a Difference for Peace) that the Association's focus should be extended, in recognition of the impact that factors such as social, economic, and human rights, lack of opportunities and inequality have, on people's lives to live in peace and harmony.