PPSEZPhnom Penh Special Economic Zone (Cambodia)
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The Japanese electronics producer spent $60-million to open the facility in PPSEZ in 2011.
Besides PPSEZ there is a SEZ in Sihanoukville on 1000 hectares run by a Chinese company which has over 60 investors now.
We modeled PPSEZ on successful industrial parks in neighboring countries such as Amata in Thailand or VSIP in Saigon because this is the best way to attract international companies.
How does PPSEZ ensure factories stay up and running
So as one of my first jobs I asked PricewaterhouseCoopers to send consultants to PPSEZ to help our accounting staff prepare tax preparation forms.
Uematsu: PPSEZ still needs to develop its infrastructure.
According to Pisey, out of 63 firms in the PPSEZ, over half of them are Japanese.
Up to now PPSEZ has signed deals to locate 72 factories as their partners to put up shop in the zone and among this 42 factories are from Japan.
While PPSEZ continues to attract manufacturers the zone's CEO Uematsu said that Cambodia should plan ahead and need to improve a series of infrastructures for a more attractive investment environment.
PPSEZ employment doubled this year reaching 20,000 workers and is projected to keep doubling to 40,000 soon, said Hiroshi Uematsu.